About me

What should I wear? Fashion blog with tips for outfits, cute women's clothing finds including dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, shirts, shorts, pants, heels, sandals and more. Betsy Nari is on the look out for  great outfits and keeps you up to date on sales!

Hello there!

I always think it is fun to know more about the person behind an account, so here is more about me! My name is Betsy Nari. This is a picture of me with my beautiful family. They are the most precious thing in my life! I’ve always felt that for me, being a wife and mom is my highest calling. This particular photo was taken at my favorite spot at our home. I love being outside, and my children enjoy swimming in our pool almost every day! 

I was born in Virginia and spent most of my childhood growing up in small town central Pennsylvania. I now call sunny Palm Beach, Florida, my home! I am half Korean, half white (primarily German background), and the oldest of three. Nari was my Korean name given to me by my mother, which means “lily.” 

I genuinely enjoy fashion as an art and love to share what I find! I read and watch anything I can get my hands on to create fun content that can make fashion enjoyable and easy for you! I truly appreciate you being on my page. Let’s have fun together with fashion! This is an up and coming blog, so please stay in touch by joining the insider mailing list and following me on social media.

With much love,

Betsy Nari đź’•